Seven Tips for Those Seeking to Work with a Recruiter

What should job seekers know about the realm of contract work and dealing with recruiters?

Job seekers will get the best value from recruiters by building working relationships with a few good ones. Most reputable recruiting firms have built trusting relationships with their clients and prospective candidates over a period of time. There are some recruiting firms that will “volley” resumes directly from on-line websites to their clients (without talking to the job seeker), which may actually reduce the job seekers’ chances of getting the opportunity if the recruiting firm does not have a good relationship with the client.
A reputable consulting/recruiting firm will do the following:

  1. Conduct a detailed interview in person to determine the “best fit” for the candidate.
  2. Inquire as to what types of positions they would be qualified for.
  3. Discuss salary history and salary goals.
  4. Allow the job seeker to remain in control of where their resume is presented. The candidate should require the recruiting firm to inform them where their resume is being proposed prior to sending it. This will ensure that the recruiter is focused on finding the right opportunity and avoid multiple submittals.
  5. Take a proactive approach to “skill marketing” to match client/candidate profiles and inform their clients of talent that they regularly seek, even when they are not actively searching. This allows the client the chance to make a decision to interview before they may have an opportunity available with talent they regularly hire/consult and provides you with a greater amount of opportunities.
  6. Follow-up in a reasonable amount of time once the interview has occurred with constructive feedback.
  7. Be prepared to make an offer and have an organized on-boarding process.

If you would like additional information on best practices for recruiting, please contact us to request a no obligation consultation.

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