How to Hire the Right Geek!

What are the key areas a company must look at when hiring technical contract workers? When hiring technical personnel, we look at three aspects: appearance, intelligence and personality. Appearance: Does the candidate have the appearance that the client/employer prefers? Each company has their own culture and image, so appearance can play a major factor or, […]
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Dehumanizing HR Is Costing You Money

Automated job boards like Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, and automated VMS systems have taken the “human” out of human resources. Many hiring managers are at the mercy of automated systems that select “human beings” as though you were going to your local Ikea looking for glassware. Because of the “savings and expedience” of these systems, the […]
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Seven Tips for Those Seeking to Work with a Recruiter

What should job seekers know about the realm of contract work and dealing with recruiters? Job seekers will get the best value from recruiters by building working relationships with a few good ones. Most reputable recruiting firms have built trusting relationships with their clients and prospective candidates over a period of time. There are some […]
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