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Michael J. Testa

I love this work! My passion for this work has given me a deep level of understanding for very well matched candidates and hiring environments. I don’t throw big numbers of bodies your way because lasting success is more than just a commoditized numbers game.

I do listen to you deeply so we both really get what’s essentially important with each of your openings.

Over the years I’ve developed a sixth sense that is uncannily accurate when it comes to presenting the ideal candidate for your opening.
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Why is technology staffing so complex?

In this crazy world of automated recruiting, do you ever wonder how anyone ever wades through this electronic maze to identify a quality candidate? We often think of that ourselves. When everyone is lumped into an electronic pile how do you extract true talent?

Why would a high value candidate want to be lost within the masses of that pile? In days past when resumes were on paper, candidates would find odd color paper and paper that was thicker so they would stand out. This is where working with an experienced expert to find unique candidates will make your life easier.

The numbers recruiting game does not often yield the candidates you want. Not to say that it doesn’t happen, however, in most cases the gems we find are often passive candidates. They are the ones that light up our senses in the first few seconds of speaking with them. We often find them through referrals from colleagues of ours that we highly trust and respect.

How do we know the industry so well?

Our CEO/President, Michael spent the first 11 years of his career working in the trenches developing and managing large and small software projects. Since 1995, Michael has been in technology sales and recruiting, he has learned how to recognize and identify talented technology professionals. To keep ourselves up-to-date in the industry, we have participated on the board of the directors with the TechServe Alliance and have been a member since 1998.
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Technology Staffing

How do we make it easier to hire the gems?

We work closely with Technology Hiring Managers to understand and plan a process to find the right person for their technology role, “Finding the Right Geek!”

There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” technology professional and each and every search we do contains both the technical needs analysis and the need to match the customer’s culture with the candidates’ personality. Being involved on both sides has made this somewhat intuitive process second nature to us.

How we we recruit the stars?

1. Network recruiting: What that means is that we get on the phone and reach out to our network and look for candidates that have worked with former colleagues, current and past employees that we highly respect and will share with us the names of those people.

2. Online Portals: Candidates through our network will submit their resumes to us through several different portals and we make sure the candidates in our pipeline have been carefully screened.

3. Colleague Recruiting: With the extensive relationship with technology staffing firms through the TechServe Alliance, we are able to reach out to member firms that share our values and understanding of the industry to cast the net wider. This works well for both local and national candidates.

We Place Technology Professionals In The Following Areas:

Technology Directors
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